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Rare Albino Elephant Captured In Burma Marks The Country’s Ninth In Captivity

Albino Elephant

The forestry department in Burma has indicated that it has discovered a rare white elephant in the jungles of the Ayeyarwaddy region.

An official from the department, Tun Tun Oo, indicated that the recently discovered albino elephant was first spotted in a reserve located in the Pathein township. It was then captured on Friday, six weeks after the initial sighting.

According to the forestry official, the department “had to be careful” in order to avoid getting hurt, as the elephant is a wild animal.

We had to be careful (…) It’s wild. We didn’t want the elephant or the forestry department officials to get hurt.

The recent capture marks the ninth wild albino elephant taken into captivity in Burma, most of whom USA Today reports have been found in the Ayeyarwaddy region. Of those captured, five remain in zoos located in the country’s capital city, Naypyitaw, and the other three are in Rangoon.

White elephants, in this case a 7-year-old female, are often pinkish in color, exhibiting fair eyelashes and toenails, according to a report on Fox News which went on to indicate that the animals were typically retained by monarchs who would pamper the rare animals, as they were perceived as a symbol of royal power and prosperity.

Even today, there are those who believe albino elephants bring good luck. They’ve been revered for centuries in various Asian nations including Thailand, Laos and Burma.

In other animal news here on Immortal News, researchers discovered the Ruby Seadragon to be a new species of seadragon and previously, a rare white dolphin was spotted in Florida.

Burma has banned the capture of wild elephants in an attempt to preserve their wild herds.

What are your thoughts on this recently captured white elephant?

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