Rare Albino Dolphin Spotted In Florida

A rare white bottlenose albino dolphin was captured on video off of Florida’s east coast by Danielle Carter who is a state wildlife volunteer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. According to a report by the New Hampshire Voice on Jan. 6, although the video of this rare white dolphin was posted on YouTube by the FWC officials, they have not revealed the exact location of the rare albino dolphin. This is because they don’t want a lot of attention on it right now. They are afraid people will bother it and scare it away.

According to Full Time Whistle, this albino dolphin is so rare that, counting this one, there are now only 15 in the wild and in the world today. The albino dolphin was seen in the beginning of December.

The video is short, only two minutes long and shows the dolphin swimming to the surface near a shoreline of mangroves. Those watching the video can see the dolphin the best towards the end of it.

Although there is not much known about these rare albino dolphins, they are also known as ‘pink’ dolphins because of their coloration. However, they are still known and referred to as albino.

The characteristics of albino’s include light or white skin and hair, pink or red eyes, and they may have bad vision because albinism can cause this problem with their eyes.

It is highly recommended to report anyone who is bothering any type of marine animals, whether regular or albino, to the NOAA Fisheries Enforcement Hotline by calling 1-800-853-1964.

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