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Unique WordPress Plugin Offers Alternative Hosting Option

Over the last five years the number of options for hosting a WordPress site has exploded. It seems as if each general hosting company has rolled out a dedicated WordPress hosting product – from the big guns like GoDaddy and Ionos to the smaller folks like Liquid Web. They now all have a dedicated hosting product and most have dedicated teams for WordPress.

And, of course, there is the steady stream of dedicated WordPress hosting companies such as WPEngine and Kinsta.

Recently, there has been a new type of hosting solution for WordPress being offered – one where users can take full control of a cloud server and host as many sites as the server can handle. Companies such as spinupwp and gridpane has lead the way in this niche.

The WPCloudDeploy WordPress Plugin

Now, to bring it all full circle there is WPCloudDeploy.

WPCloudDeploy is a WordPress plugin that allows admins to deploy and manage WordPress servers and sites from inside a WordPress admin dashboard. This makes the product instantly familiar to anyone who has worked with WordPress.

According to the publishers of the plugin, they’re looking to address some security and flexibility issues that they encountered when using traditional WordPress hosts. In addition to the plethora of WordPress specific options that the plugin offers, developers can take advantage of their expertise to easily customize and brand it in order to offer unique solutions for their clients. That’s a lot harder, if not impossible, to do with traditional hosts that use an SaaS control panel. They also said:

And, because it’s a plugin with everything running under the owner’s control it’s one less third party with their hooks into the owner’s servers.

Cost Control

The most intriguing feature of the plugin isn’t necessarily the plugin itself but what it allows users to do. Simple virtual servers can be spun up quite easily at places like DigitalOcean and Linode for as little as $5.00 per month. These servers are powerful enough to handle multiple small sites.

The WPCloudDeploy plugin allows admins and developers to quickly fire up and manage these types of servers as dedicated WordPress servers.

So, for a developer that have many customers with low-traffic sites, they can easily extract a ton of cost savings by placing their low-volume clients on these low-cost solutions. The savings compared to dedicated WordPress hosts can be quite dramatic – many of those hosts start thei r pricing for a single WordPress site at far higher than $5.00!


There is one quirk with this product – it does require an existing WordPress site in order to work. In that way, it’s a little Meta – you need WordPress in order to create a WordPress server and sites. But for the target market of experienced WordPress users, we doubt that’s going to be much of an issue – they usually have multiple sites up and running already.

Wrap Up

This does seem like a product that is targeted at a very niche market. We can’t see ordinary end users finding benefit from it. But, developers and agencies can certainly extract some serious cost savings on behalf of their clients.

It’s a very intriguing twist on the WordPress hosting concept.

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