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Arnold Peralta Murdered: Honduran Soccer Player Shot To Death At Shopping Mall

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Honduran soccer player Arnold Peralta, a defensive midfielder for Club Deportivo Olimpia and a member of the country’s national soccer team, was murdered in a shopping mall’s parking lot on Thursday night after buying some clothes for his newborn son.

Local police indicated that the 26-year-old athlete was shot to death by a gunman on a motorcycle – who shot him numerous times, Diez of Honduras reported.

According to witnesses, the killer didn’t say a word before he fired a total of 18 shots – one of which being a shot directly to the face.

Peralta’s now widowed wife showed up at the scene of the crime where she, according to the NY Daily News, was restrained by police after breaking down in a hysterical fashion.

Following confirmation of the deceased’s identity, the Department of Forensic Medicine released a statement in which they reported the cause of death to have been open cranial trauma.

According to the report, he sustained multiple gunshot wounds spread across his face, chest, skull, anterior and posterior thorax.

The murder, which took place in La Ceiba, was confirmed by the Honduran National Police.

The national soccer player was shot next to his vehicle, reportedly a Porsche.

According to local outlet La Tribuna, he was with a fellow soccer player at the time of the incident, Marcelo Canales with the C.D.S Vida.

In other news, Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of murder following a South African appeals court’s decision to overturn his prior conviction of manslaughter and a 7-year-old was shot and killed by a paranoid family friend who also shot the young girl’s mother before turning the gun on himself in an apparent murder suicide.

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