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Tesla’s Entry-Level Model X Starts At $80,000

Tesla Model X With Accessory Carrier

Tesla Motors is now accepting customer pre-orders for its new SUV, the Model X, which comes standard with all-wheel drive and starts at $80,000.

Pre-orders, which cost $5,000 reserve, are expected to begin delivering mid to late 2016, according to the electric car maker.

While there were those who were less than pleased to learn of the Model X’s six-figure price tag upon its initial debut, the base model is actually substantially less. But with that price reduction, of course, comes some cost saving reductions such as a reduction from seven seats to five.

Additional seats can be added at for extra fee. For six seats, it costs another $3,000 but for seven, another $4,000.

The semi-autonomous Autopilot system, which was recently disabled for Tesla’s Hong Kong customers in compliance with the local transportation authority’s demands, costs another $2,500 to enable for those who purchase the 70 kWh battery base model.

That’s right, the base model, Tesla’s Model X 70D, has a toned down battery that offers an EPA estimated range of 220 miles. In comparison, the 90D’s 90 kWh battery offers an EPA estimated range of 257 miles and in the case of the high-end model, the P90D, a total EPA estimated range of 250 miles.

While the P90D offers less range than the next model down, the 90D, its 0-60 MPH acceleration increases from 4.8 seconds to 3.2 seconds — a feat achieved via the P90D’s “Ludicrous” mode and its enhanced 90 kWh “Performance” battery.

To upgraded the sound system, the base model tacks on another $2,500.

Perhaps it goes without stating, but for those who want to continue to raise the price of the otherwise $80,000 base model, there are plenty of additional options to choose from – including a $4,500 premium package that adds a wealth of what CNET reports to be “luxury trimmings.”

Model X Falcon Wing Doors

The Model X’s “Falcon Wing” doors lift up instead of out. Credit: Tesla

Pricing for the long-awaited crossover and its upward-opening doors was released on Monday, at the same time as the “configurator” – an interface allowing those who have placed orders to select their options.

While the Model X configurator is not yet available to the general public, CNET quoted Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson as having said that the company intends for it to become more widely accessible in the months to come.

Back in September, prior to the launch event, Tesla unveiled the Model X’s introductory price tag of $132,000 — which, as it turns out, is actually the cost of the fully loaded Signature edition.

Earlier this month, Tesla issued a voluntary recall for every single Model S in light of safety belt concerns.

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