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Tesla News: Every Model S Recalled, Autopilot Features Disabled In Hong Kong

Tesla Model S 90D

Tesla Motors is making headlines after issuing a voluntary recall of all 90,000 Model S sedans and remotely disabling the car’s autopilot features in Hong Kong.

Earlier this week, Model S owners in the former British colony found themselves without the semiautonomous driving features, released just two months ago, after the electric car maker was forced by Hong Kong’s Transportation Department to wirelessly disable the technology.

The city’s traffic officials cited concern that Model S drivers would find themselves distracted while navigating through the city’s notoriously congested streets. However, as the International Business Times notes, Tesla emphasizes that customers not only should, but must retain contact between their hands and the steering wheel.

Regardless of the company’s instructions, it’s apparent that there are those who don’t care to heed the instructions and are instead opting to drive hands-free.

As for the company’s recall of every single Model S, the decision comes as the result of a faulty seat belt discovered by the car maker in one of its European models.

According to the company, the cost of the worldwide recall will be “immaterial.”

In particular, the company discovered a front seat belt that “was not properly connected to the outboard lap pretensioner” and while the vehicle wasn’t involved in a crash, nor were there any injuries, the condition “would not provide full protection” in the event of a crash.

Since discovering the improperly connected seat belt, the company has inspected the seat belts of over 3,000 vehicles, which cover the entire range of Model S production, and have yet to locate an issue. Regardless, the company is intent on conducting its voluntary recall in order to “make absolutely sure” that all of the seat belts are properly connected.

The company noted in its recent announcement regarding the issue and the recall that they are not concerned with the car’s rear seat belts, only the front.

Model S owners are advised to have their seat belts inspected by a Tesla technician. However, those concerned with their seat belt’s safety can detect the condition by “very firmly” pulling on the lap portion of their seat belts with at least 80 pounds of force. Those who do administer this company suggested test are still advised to seek an inspection by a company technician.

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