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Microsoft’s People Sense App To Rival Apple’s Find My Friends

Microsoft is working on the development of a new friend finding app for Windows phones known as People Sense and the new app, which is currently under the working title of Buddy Aware, uses Bing Maps to locate other Windows phones using the app in real time.

The app, which Trusted Reviews reports to be a “belated attempt to emulate” Apple’s Find My Friends app, allows users to message and call friends directly from within the app.

Currently, there’s no news on when the app is to be debut. It’s currently in the beta testing phase.

In an example of the app’s usefulness, the app can be combined with apps which provide directions such as Moovit and HERE Drive to provide directions to other People Sense users.

Whether the app is designed to work with Windows Phone 8.1 or the new Windows 10 is currently unknown.

In other app related news here on Immortal News, a new $35 smartphone app and dongle combo provides HIV and syphilis test results in a mere 15 minutes. As the app is powered by a smartphone’s battery, it’s completely portable; which makes it a realistic option for disease testing in remote areas around the world.

Are you excited for this new Microsoft people-finding app or are you an iPhone or Android user who won’t see any benefit from this new app designed for the Windows Phone? Also, do you think technological advances in social networking are strengthening human connections around the world or weakening them in an age where smartphone users are often seen with their noses buried in their hi-tech devices?

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