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Shenmue 3 Confirmed By PlayStation, Screenshots Released

Image Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

Shenmue‘s creator Yu Suzuki and PlayStation have revealed concept images and a short video from Shenmue 3 in a recent presentation, thus confirming significant progress has already been made in development of the new version of the game, reports Engadget.

In order to finance the third installment of the game, two decades after the release of the last Shenmue, Yu Suzuki launched a Kickstarter campaign last year with a goal of $2 million. The classic game clearly still has a lot of fans, as Suzuki’s goal was quickly smashed – three times over in fact. In the end backers pledged $6.2 million in the hope of seeing a new version of the game, making it Kickstarter’s most funded video game ever, according to Slash Gear. Now the support of fans has been rewarded, as Suzuki’s team gave a sneak preview of screenshots and video from the new game during the PlayStation 4 presentation at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences this week.

While the five preview images shown in the presentation are still work in progress, they are highly intricate and give an exciting glimpse as to what is in store for lovers of the two original Shenmue releases. The screengrabs offer an intriguing peek at several diverse Shenmue 3 environments and give insight into the level of breadth and detail we can expect from the final version. Indeed, the artwork is so impressive – even more so when you consider that it has all been developed in the relatively short time since the Kickstarter campaign – that some commentators expressed surprise that work of this level could be achieved on such a small budget. However it has been revealed that Sony have been directly funding and offering publishing support to Suzuki and his team during development.

PlayStation also publicly distributed a number of screenshots from Shenmue 3 in a tweet:

The new game is unlikely to be released before the end of 2017, however we can probably expect other tantalizing images and news of developments in the meantime. Shenmue 3 is being developed for both PS4 and PC.

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