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Twitch Adds ‘Twitch Plays’ Category For Community Games

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Twitch, the live streaming service that features player streams across an ever-expanding array of video games, has launched a new category called “Twitch Plays” for community-based games that utilize the company’s live streams as their primary mode of content delivery.

Elaborating upon the new category’s prerequisites for games, the company explained in an entry on their official blog that games in the Twitch Plays category must run in an autonomous fashion, primarily utilize live streams to deliver content, allow the Twitch audience to control the actions of in-game players and have no caps on the number of simultaneous participants, nor allow for any picking or choosing.

Any live interpretations made by humans instead of computers is prohibited, which means gamers like Nature Man and Adam Seltzer can’t run with their usual modus operandi–performing actions based on community commands–and expect to be included in the company’s new category.

All games in the category, through software-based automation, must place the reigns of control entirely in the hands of the audience.

Alongside the launch of the new category, the company launched a number of new projects, which include the following:

  • Kid Mech – A live-action arena battle game in which two teams, composed of an unlimited number of Twitch users, clash against one another with robots in a variety of game modes. The game modes include Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing and Battle Soccer.
  • City Stream – A game in which builders, gatherers and battlers team up together to defend the sprawling geometric city of City Stream.
  • TwitchPlaysZombidle – Based on the mobile title, this new made for PC variant allows players to level up their own Twitch characters and fight together against the “good guys.”
  • TwitchVersusZombies – The coordinated eradication of zombie foes.

Prior to the release of the aforementioned new projects, the category already consisted of numerous titles – titles that include the likes of Twitch Plays Robot, TwitchPlaysClawMachine, TwitchPlaysPunchClub, TwitchPlaysPokemon and Twitch Plays Dark Souls.

Following Google’s unsuccessful attempt to buy Amazon’s Twitch in 2014, the search giant unveiled its own rival service with the 2015 release of YouTube Gaming, which includes an app and website catering to the gaming community’s demand for live player streams.

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