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Sarah Burge Claims Plastic Surgeon Who Botched Her Nose Job Was On Crystal Meth

Sarah Burge, also known as “The Human Barbie,” claims her prior plastic surgeon botched her nose job while high on crystal meth.

According to her account, a dog bit her lip and a doctor recommended getting work done on her lip and nose to fix the issue. Speaking with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow on the show Botched, she said the surgery went terribly wrong. “A couple years later I find out that he was actually on crystal meth,” Burge recounts.

Burge is also under scrutiny for giving her 10-year-old daughter $7,000 in plastic surgery vouchers. A huge advocate of plastic surgery, Burge also gave her 15-year-old Botox.

The former Playboy model was seen on Botched asking doctors for further cosmetic treatment and brought her 10-year-old to the consultation.

The 55-year-old London native visited Los Angeles-based doctors Nassif and Dubrow, asking about a face-lift and about anti-aging procedures for her hands. The surgeons refused the request, Dr. Nassif going as far as to say:

Sarah wants another face lift. Absolutely no way – don’t do it.

Dr. Nassif also made it clear he was against Botox for children.

Burge gained her notoriety as the “Human Barbie” for her propensity for cosmetic procedures. She says she’s had plastic surgery done on “absolutely everything from head to toe – and when that’s done, I start from the top again.”

She’s had breast implants, buttocks implants, liposuction, a tummy tuck, fat transfers, and regular Botox injections. Burge admitted: “I don’t think I’m ever happy with the way that I look.”

Burge got her break modeling for Playboy, initially lying that she was 18 when she was 16 to start working at the Playboy Club.

She set out to find a rich husband. “I wanted to go on a rampage with all the rich and famous to bag myself a rich man. It was perfect for me,” she recounted. “I didn’t have to use my brain, all I had to do was use my looks.”

She was beaten brutally by a married man she was seeing, which caused her to start getting plastic surgery to return to what she considered her lost beauty.

Over 300 procedures, not to mention 300 million dollars later, Burge is married and has six daughters. Several of them are already getting work done.

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