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Tom Brady’s Ghoulish Courtroom Sketch Warrants Artist Apology

Nothing like a bad sketch to suck the air out of an otherwise riveting trial in which Tom Brady faced the scrutiny of NFL commissioner for the quarterbacks role in using deflated footballs during the New England Patriots’ playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts this past NFL season.

After become somewhat of a viral sensation for his rather unflattering depiction of a mid-trial Tom Brady, courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg has apologized for her representation of the dapper Patriots signal caller, the New York Post wrote this past week.

Photos of the sketch reveal a quarterback who looks rather ghastly when compared to photographs of the handsome Super Bowl champ.

Long known for his relationship with super model Gisele Bündchen and his various modeling gigs with Ugg, Brady has rarely been deemed “ugly.”

Yet that’s exactly what transpired after Rosenberg’s ill-fated sketch was released to the public. Brady’s “luscious hairline” was gone and the former Michigan Wolverine had a “disfigured face.”

Gone were the chiseled jaw bone and luscious hairline we’ve grown to expect from the muscular quarterback, replaced instead with a disfigured face that looked more like a gaunt Quasimodo.

Twitter users embraced the sketch, with one account attributed to @iamhectordiaz featuring a still from the movie E.T., in which Brady’s sketched face replaces that of the veiny, wrinkly extraterrestrial.

In an article by Central California news outlet FOX 40, Rosenberg was quoted as saying she was sorry for “not making him look pretty enough.”

I apologize for not making him look pretty enough to the world. Tom Brady is a very good-looking guy.

Brady is not Rosenberg’s first celebrity sketch. The artist has drawn the faces of the famous and infamous many times before: Bernie Madoff, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Al Sharpton are a few of the faces on her resume.

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