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BlackBerry And Google Join Forces To Create ‘Enterprise-Ready’ Android

Both juggernauts in their field, former rivals Google and BlackBerry are reportedly joining forces to create an “enterprise-ready” android.

Although Apple’s iPhone is presently the most popular android on the market, BlackBerry used to be the go-to phone of choice for many, designed to be a secure and convenient work phone.

The merging of Google and BlackBerry is set to incorporate the security functions of the BES12 and integrate it into Android’s 5.0 Lollipop and Google Play for Work function according to Engadget UK. The two companies seek to gain much by coming together with Google getting a huge security bolster in a time where many are concerned about their online privacy in the wake of numerous phone related scandals and hacks.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry gets to utilize the Android function which will no doubt refresh it’s tried and tested formula.

A spokesperson for BlackBerry states that the company seeks to work closely together with Google to “set new standards.”

BlackBerry and Google are working closely together to set new standards in enterprise mobile security for organizations deploying Android devices.

Slash Gear reports that the new device will provide a work profile which includes full disc encryption and sharing restrictions to intensify privacy settings. The very first BlackBerry phone launched on the cusp of the 00’s in 1999 and was wildly popular amongst business men and celebrities with Kim Kardashian reported to be a huge fan of the phone even in the wake of the Apple iPhone takeover.

The first BlackBerry smart phone hit shelves back in 2003, introducing the novelty of being able to email and browse the web alongside its standard call and text functions. The service became immensely popular with workers who needed to check email before arriving in the office. The sales of BlackBerry phones diminished as the market grew increasing competitive.

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