Louis Jordan Rescued After Missing At Sea For 66 Days

Louis Jordan Rescued By Coast Guard

Louis Jordan was reported missing by his family on January 29 and on Thursday, he was picked up by a German cargo ship off the coast of North Carolina.

The crew of the vessel, which The News & Observer reported to be the Houston Express, discovered the 37-year-old Jordan’s disabled sailing vessel, named “Angel,” a couple hundred miles east of Cape Hatteras at about 1:30 p.m.

The man who had been reported missing at sea for 66 days was picked up by a Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter and flown from the Houston Express to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia, the U.S. Coast Guard indicated.

Coast Goard spokeswoman Lt. Krystyn Pecora indicated that he had an injured shoulder, however, he managed to keep himself fed through the duration of his extended stay at sea. Lieutenant Pecora was quoted by the News & Observer as having said that “he was catching fish and collecting rain water” in an attempt to stay fed and hydrated; the latter of which he wasn’t entirely successful with, as Philly reported that his mother — Norma Davis from Jacksonville, North Carolina — had indicated that in addition to his injured shoulder, he was also dehydrated.

From what he told us on the phone, he was catching fish and collecting rain water and drinking it

Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss indicated that the missing man’s 35-foot sailboat had lost its mast and capsized at sea, according to a report on Philly. Fortunately, the German tanker’s crew found him after more than a couple of months at sea.

When he was discovered by the crew of the tanker, he was sitting on the hull of his capsized boat.

What would you be thinking right now if you had just been rescued after months of drifting on the open waters?

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