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2015 Spring Allergies Might Be The Worst In Years

2015 Spring Allergy Prediction

This year, it appears as if sniffling and sneezing will be in no short supply as experts are predicting that this year’s spring allergy season just might be the worst in years, however, there is an upside in their predictions for those suffering from hay fever: the limited duration.

While spring allergies this year are expected to carry severe symptoms for those afflicted, experts are predicting that the season might not last quite as long. So while the symptoms are expected to be intense, allergy sufferers just might catch an early break if the season ends prematurely.

Chief of allergy an immunology at New York’s Nyack Hospital was quoted by USA Today in a report as having explained that “the prolonged moisture” throughout the course of winter “may have laid the groundwork for a bad season.” He went on to explain that a warm, dry spring proceeding by a wet winter is a recipe for a high pollen count, however, if we see a wet spring, the pollen might not be as significant of an issue.

In a report published earlier today on Fox 28, CNN offered four tips on combating this year’s spring allergy season which included preemptively striking at the symptoms before they appear by beginning allergy treatments prior to the onset of the season. While the report proposes over-the-counter nasal sprays, oral antihistamines and decongestants, it notes that experts advise those exhibiting serious symptoms to consult a licensed physician in regards to allergy shots.

Yet another tip offered by the aforementioned report is to turn on an air conditioner which helps by circulating filtered air; on that note, be sure to check your filters.

Washing clothing and vacuuming more often can also help with pollen and mold reduction inside your home which can come as a result of pets and clothes.

Experts advise closing car and home windows in order to keep allergens out.

How do you cope with spring allergies?

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