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Sam Simon Dead: ‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Dies From Cancer At Age 59

Sam Simon Dies

Co-creator of “The Simpsons” cartoon, Sam Simon, has passed away after a long bought with cancer, according to reports which indicated that the late philanthropist had died at his Los Angeles home at the age of 59.

Simon was first diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 2012. His diagnosis and subsequent battle were made public.

At the time of his death, he was surrounded by his family and his dog. TMZ reports that he was a huge advocate for animal rights, making his dog a very special aspect of his life. The report also quoted The Sam Simon Foundation as having said:

For those of us who knew him, his voice will forever echo in our minds; his sense of humor will continue to make us laugh; and his compassion and generosity will continue to impact our lives. […] Sam, you will be missed by many, but there is a particular sadness among our clinic staff. We have been together for so long, and your absence will forever leave a void in our lives.

The foundation also issued a statement on their Facebook page in which they confirmed his death. The post indicated that the announcement of his death came “with much sadness” and that the foundation takes “comfort in knowing how many greetings he is receiving across that Rainbow Bridge.”

Sam’s foundation also retweeted a tweet from Larry King which said that the late “Simpsons” co-founder’s “impact on television and the world will not be forgotten.”

ABC News quoted the president and CEO of Save the Children, Carolyn Miles, as having said that Sam once said that received pleasure from giving and that he didn’t “feel like” giving to charity was an obligation, as he loved to give.

As far as his vast multimillion dollar fortune is concerned, the late Mr. Simon previously announced that his $100 million fortune would be distributed amongst various charities upon his demise.

After his 2012 diagnosis, he was given mere months to live; instead, he lasted three years.

In other recent celebrity death coverage reported here on Immortal News, Leonard Nimoy has died. The actor known for his role as Spock on Star Trek passed away at the age of 83.

What are your thoughts on the death of Sam Simon?

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