Home Depot Cancer Dog Receives Free Custom-Wagon From Employees

Home Depot Cancer Dog

An aging dog named Ike with cancer received a custom wagon built by Home Depot employees after the employees decided that they wanted to help the dog live out its remaining years in an enjoyable fashion.

The 15-year-old dog, owned by Risa Feldman since she rescued him 12 years ago, has anywhere from two to six months to live.

The dog enjoys walking along the Manhattan Beach in California.

Ike’s cancer was diagnosed in one of his hind legs, making it painful to maneuver around, according to his owner.

In light of his inability to get around without difficulty, owner Feldman took the old hound to Home Depot in an attempt to craft a cart. One of the employees, who WRIC reports to be Ernesto Moran, told her that he’d give her a call once he had an answer for her.

Another co-worker of Moran’s, Justin Wadman, came up with a plan after some time in which they would craft a custom wagon and a car ramp to enhance accessibility and convenience for the dog as well as its owner. Best of all, they chose not to charge Feldman for their ingenuity, labor and materials in crafting the custom canine wagon.

The story was shared by Feldman with KABC in what she called an attempt to let people know “that there are still people out there who do good things, really.”

She was quoted by ABC News as having said that it’s like Ike’s face “lights up” in what she claims is “almost like a smile”.

What do you think of these two Home Depot employees and their decision to build a custom wagon for Risa Feldman’s dog out of the kindness of their hearts, outside of work and on their own time?

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