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Hillary Clinton May Have Violated Federal E-Mail Regulations

Hillary Clinton Emails

Hillary Clinton may have been in violation of federal regulations when she used her personal e-mail account to conduct government business while employed by the fed as the Secretary of State.

According to The New York Times, she used her personal e-mail account exclusively during her 4-year tenure as Secretary of State.

While e-mails sent to official government accounts would be automatically archived by the government’s National Archives and Records Administration, CNN points out in a report that her personal e-mails were likely to not be kept by such automated archiving measures.

The National Archives and Records Administration outlined new rules back in 2013 which reaffirmed “that agencies and agency employees must manage federal records appropriately and protect them from unauthorized removal from agency custody.”

According to the Seattle Times, Clinton did not have a government e-mail address during the four-years in which we served at the State Department.

While the Federal Records Act would have required the preservation of her emails on the department’s servers, her aides took no action to do so.

A couple of weeks ago, she provided the House committee investigating the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi with roughly 300 e-mails, which amounts to around 900 pages of communications. The emails were discovered by her aides amongst her personal emails.

Jeb Bush chimed in on Twitter in response to the recent reports of Hillary’s potential misconduct regarding her less than transparent email communications with a tweet which read: “Transparency matters.”

In other Clinton family news here on Immortal News, an artist behind a portrait of Bill Clinton claims the portrait contains a hidden reference to Monica Lewinsky.

Why do you think Hillary Clinton used a personal email account at a non-government issued domain name during her tenure at the State Department?

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