Charles Mansons’ Fiancee Only Wanted Him For His Dead Body

Charles Manson, the convicted notorious serial killer was engaged to a 27 year old woman by the name of Afton Elaine Burton, or Star. Manson has been sitting in prison for the last 43 years of a life sentence he got when he was convicted of murder. Charles Manson is 80 years old now which makes Burton, 53 years younger than him. However, they were all set to be married and even already had their marriage license ready. Although it expired last week and now Manson has decided not to renew it and not to marry the serial killer after finding out the real reason she wanted to marry him.

According to ABC News who reported on Feb. 10, Star only wanted to marry Manson for his dead body. She actually wanted to display it in Los Angeles and charge people to come in and look at the corpse. After Manson found out what she was planning, he called off the wedding.

Apparently, Burton and a friend tried to get the serial killer to sign off on his dead body to her before they were even planning on getting married. When he refused to sign the paper giving his corpse to Star, she decided to ask him to marry her. So, according to The Independent, the two got engaged and were set to get married. Now that Manson found out about her plan to display his dead body in a glass case to make money from it, he says the wedding is off!

Although he called off the wedding because of his ex-fiancée’s plan, Manson actually thinks he is immortal and will never die. However, even though the marriage license did expire last week and Manson claims the wedding is off, Burton says they do plan on renewing the marriage license and actually going through with the wedding in a few months. She also said that the wedding has only been postponed because of an unexplained interruption in logistics.

What do you think about this? Do you think Manson will actually still go through with the marriage although he found out about his fiancée’s plan? Sound off with your opinion in the comments section and let everyone know what you think.

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