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The FDA Has Approved A New Drug For HIV Treatment

The FDA has approved a new combo drug for the treatment of HIV. Now, according to a report by Science World on Jan. 30, the FDA has approved two pills for the treatment of HIV. These are once daily, two-fixed pills that those with the disease can take to help them live a longer life with HIV. Although there is no cure for HIV/AIDS, there is now an FDA approved treatment that can help with the symptoms of this disease.

This two-fixed dose of HIV pills combine together protease inhibitors which have been produced by Gilead Sciences. One of these protease inhibitors are by Bristol-Myers Squibb and the other one by Johnson and Johnson.

The Head of Worldwide Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb, Murdo Gordon had this to say about this new HIV treatment:

We are pleased to provide physicians and patients with an important new option to treat HIV; atazanavir with cobicistat delivers sustained efficacy and safety through 48 weeks, as demonstrated through its rigorous clinical development plan, including a head-to-head Phase III trial.

The first pill is called Evotaz which includes Reyataz. This one is also known as Atazanavir and combines a protease inhibitor with a booster called Cobicistat made by Bristol-Myers. The second pill taken with the first is called Prezcobix and also combines a protease inhibitor called Darunavir, or also known as Prezista, also with Cobicistat.  This one is made by Johnson and Johnson.

According to Healio, these two-fixed dose pills were approved by the FDA by evaluating 313 people with HIV who were eligible for the treatment. The drugs have been proven to be safe to take alone as well as with other antiviral drugs and even with food.

There are side effects just like with any other drug for any other disease or illness. The side effects for these drugs include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rash, headache, and abdominal pain.

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