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Vampire Bat Drone Called DALER Walks And Flies Like Real Bat

Technology is advancing much more rapidly these days thanks to scientists inventing drones. According to a report by Headline and Global News on Jan. 24, Swiss researchers have invented a vampire bat drone they call DALER, which stands for Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot. This new drone looks and even acts like a vampire bat, excluding the blood drinking of course. This new drone can fly like a real vampire bat because of the wings on it that can fold and extend. It can even walk on land which is good for being able to explore places we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get into.

Although the DALER can also walk on land, according to Discovery News, it can fly much faster. The DALER can fly 20 meters per second while it can only walk 6 meters per second. However, it being able to walk on land is something much different than other drones since they just fly, which gives this one an advantage as well as giving humans an advantage. This is because if we have a disaster area that needs to be checked and no one can get into it for some reason, the DALER can walk right in and explore the area. Also, according to Evan Ackerman from IEEE Spectrum:

The other appeal of ground mobility is that it gives the winged robot the capability to land, reorient itself, and then take off again.

The DALER is very durable as well. You can see in the video on Discovery News how a researcher took a hammer to its wings and the hammer had no effect on it at all.

The Swiss researchers are also working to give it even more mobility including hovering and taking off on its own.

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