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Kim Dotcom’s Mega Chat Facilitates Over 500,000 Calls Within A Few Hours

Kim Dotcom has launched his Skype rival, Mega Chat, and according to a tweet from the German-born Internet entrepreneur, the new end-to-end encrypted voice chat facilitates “over 500,000 calls within just a few hours.”

In response to his tweet, one of Twitter user replied “MEGA chat is unreal!!” while another called it “number one!!!!

Mega Chat, which is in beta, is a web-browser-based encrypted audio/voice and video chat.

Kim Dotcom’s website,, indicated that he was #1 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The site indicated that he played the game under the alias “MEGARACER” and that he’s at the top of the leaderboards for kills and in free-for-all mode. He currently has over 150,000 kills.

The 41-year-old Kimble was born Kim Schmitz and is well known for founding the now defunct Megaupload, a file hosting website which resulted in US authorities accusing him of copyright infringement on a “massive scale,” BBC reported. He was also sued by a number of major film and music publishers who accused him of using the website to encourage users to illegally upload copyrighted material which he profited from. Dotcom and several of his associates denied the charges.

Charges against Kim as a result of Megaupload resulted in a raid on his home in New Zealand. Authorities seized more than 15 luxury vehicles, property, and cash in the January 2012 raid, however, authorities have been ordered to return his seized assets, RT reported.

The United States federal government referred to Megaupload’s business model as a “Mega Conspiracy” which was used by millions as an online file locker for digital products, both legal and illegal, RT reported.

The members of the Mega Conspiracy described themselves as ‘modern day pirates’ and virtually every aspect of the Mega Sites was carefully designed to encourage and facilitate wide-scale copyright infringement

Attempts to extradite Kim and his alleged conspirators to America to face charges have been stalled for years. United States prosecutors argued back in July of 2014 that the seized assets should be surrendered, but attorneys representing the defendants called the accusations imaginary, as they stated that the crimes for which the US government seeks to punish the defendants in the Megaupload case do not exist. The attorneys referred to the crime as “secondary criminal copyright infringement,” to which they clearly stated that “there is no such crime.”

An American-based lawyer of Dotcom’s, Ira Rothken, told Torrent Freak that most people don’t realize his client has never been to the US.

In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, the publication indicated that the US government is seeking an estimated $67 million in assets from Dotcom and his colleagues.

Kim now runs an encrypted file-sharing site, Mega.

Mr. Dotcom previously vowed to kill Skype with his new encrypted video chat, do you think he’ll do it? Do you think Mega Chat is going to replace Skype?

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