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Man Dies After Three Day Gaming Binge

There are many men and women alike who love playing video and computer games. However, no one would think you could actually die if you play too long or too much. According to a report by CNN on Jan. 19, a 32 year old man from Taiwan ended up going into cardiac arrest and died from gaming for three days straight at an Internet cafe.

The man was only known by his last name, Hsieh and apparently was a regular gamer at the Internet cafe. In fact, he was such a regular there that his family said he would end up taking off for a few days just to play online games. The other regulars and the staff at the cafe stated that when he got tired, he would just fall asleep face first on his tablet or fall asleep, slumped in his chair. Since he did this so often there, no one thought anything was even wrong with him when he did go into cardiac arrest. Police don’t know just how long he was sitting there dead but they said it must have been hours since he died when they found him because his body was starting to stiffen up.

The man, Hsieh entered the Internet cafe on Jan. 6 and an employee eventually noticed something was wrong when she found him sprawled on the table at 10 am on Jan. 8. The man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He apparently suffered cardiac arrest while he was sleeping.

According to Fox News, his death was ruled as a ‘sudden death’ from prolonged computer gaming. Hsieh was not the first one to die from prolonged computer gaming. In fact, on Jan.1, a 38 year old man died from playing computer games for five days straight. The two factors to play roles in these deaths include cold temperatures and over-exhaustion from playing computer games. It is actually advised to get up and move around every couple of hours while playing to prevent this from happening.

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