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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Parents Threatening To Cancel His Trust Fund

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are threatening to cancel their son, Patrick’s trust fund if he doesn’t break it off with Miley Cyrus. According to a report by Channel 24 on Jan. 5, ever since Patrick took Miley to meet his parents, they seem to not be so happy about the two dating and are taking these extreme measures to make sure they split up for good. Apparently, both Maria Shriver, Patrick’s mother, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, his father set up a $49 million trust fund that he will get when he turns 25. Patrick Schwarzenegger is 21 years old now and will either stay with Miley and lose all that money or break off their relationship to ensure he does get the money.

According to a report by Entertainment Wise, he doesn’t care about the money because he would rather be with Miley more. The model and his mother got into a huge fight during the holidays when he took Miley to visit his family because he told her that she and his father could stick the money where the sun doesn’t shine because he is staying with Miley no matter what they say.

It seems his parent’s extreme measures to break the two up have not worked. At first dad liked what he heard from Patrick about his new singer girlfriend and apparently couldn’t wait to meet her. It seems that Arnold isn’t the only one who liked Miley when they met her since Patrick’s uncle; Anthony Shriver also took to Miley when he and the happy couple spent time together when they went with him to an Art Basel art show in Miami. Although Patrick’s uncle seems to like Miley, mom and dad aren’t too keen on the singer. They are now saying she is a bad influence on him and will end up eventually breaking his heart.

What do you think about this?  Do you think Patrick should break it off with her to keep his trust fund when he turns 25 or do you agree with Patrick and he should stay with Miley and forget the money? I commend Patrick for saying what he did to his mother and sticking up for his relationship with Miley. Sound off with your own opinion about Patrick and Miley’s relationship and let everyone know what you think. 

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