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Car Part Removed From Man’s Arm 51 Years After Car Wreck

Arthur Lampitt from Granite City, Illinois ended up having an accident with his car 51 years ago, smashing into a truck with it. According to a report by MSN News on Jan. 1, Lampitt hit a truck head on with his 1963 Thunderbird, totaling the car.

Lampitt’s left arm started hurting a few weeks ago when he was moving some concrete blocks. Then, his left arm got bigger and actually started bulging. After the car accident 51 years ago, he had then broken his hip and hurt his arm. However, since he broke his hip,  this brought the attention away from his arm, since the arm healed.

Over a decade ago, Lampitt went through a metal detector and had set it off. He had X-rays done on him to find out what was causing the metal detectors to go off like they did when he had nothing metal on him and the results showed something in his arm the size of a pencil. However, because it didn’t cause him any pain or any other problems, he let it go and ignored it for a while.

Now, since he started having the pain in his arm, he went to see a surgeon to have the object removed. The surgery lasted 45 minutes long and what they removed from his arm is astounding. The surgeon removed a car turn signal that was 7 inches long. Lampitt was confused about this wondering why there was a turn signal stuck in his arm. So, he decided to dig out the old pictures from the wreck he was in with his 1963 Thunderbird and sure enough, according to the Chicago Tribune, the pictures his friend took of the wreck showed the metal blinker lever was missing from the 1963 Thunderbird after the wreck happened. This is what was stuck in his arm after all! However, it didn’t cause any pain all these years until now and it didn’t even cause an infection.

When he was asked what he was going to do with the blinker lever, he answered:

Maybe make a keychain out of it. We’ll figure something out, I am sure.

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