Dog Faced Being Euthanized Because His Owner Died

A German shepherd by the name of Bela almost died because his owner died in November and stated in her will that either Bela die along with her and have their ashes mixed together or he go to the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. According to a report by KSDK on Dec. 24, Bela was almost put down just because his owner died. At first, the animal shelter wasn’t going to take him because they didn’t know anything about him. The reason the woman wanted him put down and his ashes mixed with hers if he didn’t get to go to the animal shelter was because she didn’t know how he would be around strangers because of how aggressive he is. Good news is, the animal shelter learned enough about him and decided to take him! They saved Bela’s life!

Bela is a healthy German shepherd and almost died. He could have also gone to his owner’s friend but they didn’t want him. So, the Best Friends Animal Society got to know all about Bela and decided to take him into their shelter.

According to WHAS 11, Best Friend’s Animal Society said they were making arrangements for him Tuesday for him to come into their shelter. The shelter is in Utah, Bela is in a shelter in Lawrenceburg, which is 20 miles west of Cincinnati, and his owner, Connie Ley, was from Aurora, Indiana. Although the kind people at Best Friend’s Animal Society did not know anything about Bela and didn’t even know his owner nor did they have any kind of contact with her when she was alive, the shelter is kind enough to make room for him so he can live.

What do you think about this? Isn’t it great that they were able to take Bela in after all? What a nice Christmas present for Bela himself! Share your opinion on this by posting a comment below.

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