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Possible Beetlejuice Sequel? Tim Burton and Michael Keaton Talk

Do you remember that old movie from 1988, ‘Beetlejuice?’ Remember how well Michael Keaton and Wynona Ryder played their roles as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz? Well, according to a report by Movie Web on Dec. 23, there is a possible ‘Beetlejuice 2’ coming to theaters everywhere soon. Although Tim Burton will be directing it, he says it won’t really be a sequel to the first one although the two main characters are coming back almost 30 years later for another go around. No one knows what Burton means that it really won’t be a sequel to the first one so I guess we will all have to be a little more patient and find out what the future holds for this great movie all of us fans are just drying to see.

Tim Burton had this to say about a possible second, not a sequel, Beetlejuice:

I love the character and I miss it and I love Michael. I haven’t worked with him in a long period of time. There’s a script now, that I think is closer to what it could be and I’m excited about it. I wouldn’t call it so much a sequel, but it’ll have some characters [from the original Beetlejuice]. It’s a bit too early to say but it’s definitely something that’s on my radar and something I’d love to do.

According to, Michael Keaton had this to say about a possible new ‘Beetlejuice’ coming out soon:

I’ve e-mailed Tim a couple of times, talked to the writer a couple of times, but all really, really preliminary stuff.  I always said that’s the one thing I’d like to do again, if I ever did anything again. …But it kind of required Tim to be involved some way or another…Now it looks like he is involved in it and without giving too much away we’ve talked to each other, and e-mailed each other, and if he’s in, it’s going to be hard not to be in.

So, another ‘Beetlejuice’ is in the works and will be starring Michael Keaton and Wynona Ryder with Tim Burton directing it. This will be a fun movie for all of us to see!

What do you think about a possible new Beetlejuice coming soon? Will you go see it if it does happen? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below and let everyone know what you think. 

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