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Florida Mom Shares Story Of Daughter’s Dry Drowning

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In case you missed it, WTSP reported that a four-year-old almost died in a freak accident in Sarasota, Florida. The young girl named Elianna was playing in the pool at her grandparents’ house down the street from her own when it happened.

Her mother, Lacey Grace explained,

She was just playing in the pool. We were all playing, it was a bunch of us. We were all just playing taking the noodle and blowing water in each other’s faces and then she just happened to put her mouth on it the same time somebody else put their mouth on the other end and it all went down. She immediately vomited, so we were thinking okay good, it came up,

A video shows that the little girl was fine and quickly back to normal after the incident. She was fine the next day as well. However, when Monday came, she caught a fever that continued until Wednesday. A doctor in the family recommended that she get a checkup immediately.

Even before going to the hospital, Lacey already had an inkling about what was causing her daughter’s condition. She noted that she had read an article the year before about a Texas boy the same age as her daughter who died from what was called secondary drowning or dry drowning. This happens when a person inhales water through the mouth or nose and the water gets into the lungs. The boy passed away after a week.

Elianna was already on day 4, but the doctors were able to diagnose her immediately and provide the cure. They told Lacey that it was a good thing the child was brought in when she was because her oxygen level was dropping fast. The little girl is now resting at home and taking antibiotics, away from the danger of dry drowning.

Lacey has posted her story on Facebook hoping to reach other people who might not know that they need the information. It has been shared over 37,000 times.

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