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Apps Are Giving More Women Access To Contraceptives

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Apps catering to women in need of birth control pills have found market approval, as more and more females are enjoying the convenience and quickness of such services.

San Francisco-based company called NURX is one of several ventures, such as Maven and Lemonaid Health, that provide various types of hormonal contraception to women, delivering the products to their doorsteps without requiring a live visit to a professional health care provider, NPR reports.

Those who have tried the apps say they appreciate the no-hassle privacy and speed they experienced with these services. In rural areas where women’s health clinics are scarce, the possibility of buying contraceptives online and in bulk is not only private, but can also be more affordable and less time-consuming than making a long drive to the nearest clinic or paying for an appointment.

NURX, for instance, is now available in 18 states. It is particularly popular in Texas, where many women live in so-called “contraception deserts,” or areas where there is limited access to women’s health services.

The app is fairly straightforward. A user installs the NURX app, logs in and fills out a questionnaire. Jessica Horowitz, a nurse practitioner with NURX who talks with patients through online chats, says, “They tell us about their medical history. They give us a blood-pressure check.”

Horowitz and other clinicians make suggestions on what kind of hormonal contraception might be best for the customer. These include pills, a ring or a patch, along with emergency contraceptives. Users can also leave questions via instant message or phone calls to the provider.

Horowitz says,

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Someone responds.

NURX then sends a prescription to a pharmacy and the products are mailed through priority mail. For those with health insurance, the cost of a month’s supply of birth control is free. Otherwise, services start at $15 for one month’s supply, depending on the contraceptive brand.


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