Private Jet Crashes Into Home Killing Six People

A mother, her two young sons ages three-years-old and an infant, as well as three other people who were on board the plane were killed when a private jet crashed into a Maryland home. The other son, aged 5-years-old and the husband were not killed, according to a report posted by ABC News on Dec. 8. Apparently, the plane crash is under investigation as of now. Investigators say they not only want to find out what exactly happened but why it happened as well. The mother and her two sons were found dead on the second floor of their home. It has not been determined yet if they died from smoke inhalation or something else altogether. The mother and her two young sons were first reported missing, according to a report posted by BBC News, but then were confirmed dead once found.

The plane crash happened in Gaithersburg which is about a mile away from the Montgomery County Airpark. Once it crashed, it exploded setting fire to three homes and damaging them. As soon as it crashed, it sliced through one of the homes, the tail and the main section of the fuselage landed against another home, and then one of the wings catapulted into a third home. The last and third home was where most of the damage happened.

The plane was traveling from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The intention of the landing was supposed to be at the Montgomery County Airpark. When conducting the investigation, they will be looking at weather, air traffic control, wreckage, the equipment from the plane and much more to finally understand what really caused the crash. Officials have also recovered the data recorder from the plane to be investigated as well.

The fire department was on the scene of the crash within 7 minutes of 911 being called. The crash was called ‘incredibly unusual’ by ABC Aviation Analyst, John Nance because he says these planes are ‘incredibly safe.’

This is so terribly sad that this woman, her infant son, and her three-year-old son were all killed because of something like this as well as the people on the plane. What do you think happened to cause the plane to crash into these three houses? Sound off with your opinion on this news in the comments section below and let everyone know what you think.


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