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Inmate Sues Jail Over Failure To Treat 91-Hour Erection

A former inmate at the Pittsburg County Jail has filed a $5 million lawsuit, claiming negligence on the part of prison staff during his stay at the prison. The staff allegedly made fun of his 91-hour erection and failed to provide him with the necessary medical attention.

Dustin Lance was detained at the Pittsburg County Jail in Oklahoma on Dec. 15, 2016, when he took an “unidentified pill” from another inmate, Tech Times reports. He next day, he told the prison staff that he was suffering from “unbearable pain” to because of a prolonged erection. His complaints were reportedly ignored, and the staff even mocked his condition.

After 91 hours, the staff finally took notice of his pleas and sent Lance to the McAlester Regional Hospital. The doctors at the hospital ruled that there was nothing they could do for him, and suggested that Lance see a urologist instead. This referral was not heeded either, and Lance was sent back to the county prison.

The consequences of Lance’s experience are yet to be cleared up, but the inmate has decided to file the lawsuit as a result of the negligence and mockery he felt blocked efforts to provide him with medical assistance.

In an odd turn, the county officials filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that the plaintiff is dead, when Lance is very much alive, according to his attorney. The defendants include the Pittsburg County sheriff, one nurse, and three deputies.

Persistent erection, or priapism, is a condition that occurs when an erection happens even without sexual arousal, when normal blood flow to the penis is disrupted. It is a rare but extremely painful condition, said to be more common among men in their 30s. In Lance’s case, the likely source was illicit drug use, or certain prescription medications – such as the contents of the pill he had ingested.

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