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An Immersive Ocean Experience Comes To Times Square

Photo from National Geographic

National Geographic takes the grandeur of the deep ocean into the heart of New York City with its “Ocean Odyssey” opening in Times Square.

The interactive experience brings visitors up close and personal to the likes of monster squid fighting, humpback whales and great white sharks swimming as if merely passing by. The project is founded on the latest research of David Gruber, a marine biologist and National Geographic emerging explorer whose forte is in bioluminescence and biofluorescence, among other underwater spectacles that people don’t ever see.

Created by Lisa Truitt, the enormous project took five years to make, and aims to take a normal person across the Pacific Ocean as a National Geographic photographer might see it through his or her lens.

The journey begins in the Solomon Islands, and audiences can marvel at scenes such as a dolphin teaching its young, sting rays under their feet, and a personal sea lion to provide a delightful experience.

An Academy Award-winning team used some of the best in modern technology to bring the show to life, including ultrahigh-resolution photo animation, video mapping, and walls and floors that respond to an audience.

The 60,000-square-foot space can take as long as 90 minutes to complete, according to Fox 5. Included in the experience is a room for interactive learning, with details on the species included in the show and a hologram that guests can use to learn more.

In addition, there is information on how humans can help protect the ocean – a mission Truitt and her team say is the crux of the entire Ocean Odyssey. Truitt says that while she wants people to fall in love with the oceans, they must also realize that a lot is needed to keep them safe and thriving.

Starting October 6, visitors can take part in this fully immersive experience, coming face-to-face with some of the largest, grandest, even the most unusual, creatures on the planet – all while staying dry.

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