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Men With Squarer, Wider Faces More Likely To Cheat, Study Says

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The size and shape of a person’s face may foretell a person’s sex drive and capabilities to cheat, a new study reports.

Researchers have found evidence that the human face may show signs that are linked to certain behaviors, attitudes and personality traits, Tech Times reports. Steven Arnocky from the Nipissing University in Ontario in Canada and colleagues examined the findings of two different studies to find out what the role of facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) played in sexual relationships, mate selection and infidelity.

The first study involved 145 undergraduate students, where researchers measured the participants’ faces and their FWHR. FWHR is taken by measuring the width of the face divided by the height of the upper face.

Arnocky and researchers also asked the respondents about their sex drive and sexual behavior, which revealed a telling link between the FWHR and sex drive.

In the second study, the researchers recruited 314 participants to see if they could replicate the same findings. They added certain variables such as “intended infidelity” and “sociosexuality” to see if there was any relation to facial shape and size.

Sociosexual orientation is explained as a trait-based orientation towards sexuality. People with a more restricted orientation tend not to be comfortable about the idea of casual sex or sex with someone they’re not in a relationship with.

The second study supported the results of the first study. Researchers found that the FWHR can predict sex drive in both men and women. Those with higher FWHR, or those with wider, shorter and squarer faces have higher libido.

Higher FWHR was also linked to infidelity and unrestricted sociosexuality in men. In short, men with wider and squarer faces are more likely to cheat on their partners, and are more likely to go for casual sex. Arnocky said that this could be attributed to differences in testosterone levels during puberty.

The study was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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