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Lego Releases Space V Rocket Model

Lego has done quite a wide range when it comes to structures that the little toy bricks can build; space is no exception. The company first releases a line of Space sets in 1978, allowing both Lego fans and space enthusiasts to create their own spacecrafts, whether real or imagined.

Now, Lego has launched its most ambitious design yet: the Saturn V – NASA’s largest and most powerful rocket. The Apollo Saturn V model is a full meter tall, complete with the lunar lander, orbiter and even astronauts tucked away inside, Gizmodo reports.

It’s the tallest toy Lego has ever produced.

The space rocket model was a Lego Ideas submission by a builder with the username saabfun. The idea quickly took hold, garnering the 10,000 votes needed for Lego to consider it for manufacturing. The Saturn V was approved, and while the final version was modified from the original design to make it more consumer-friendly, the finished result still looks awesome.

The Apollo Saturn V model is at a scale of 1:110, as the real thing had a height of 363 feet. It comes apart in three sections: the S-IC, S-II, and S-IVB rocket stages. It also has three display stands so that consumers can lay the rocket out horizontally in stages, like how NASA displayed the last three Saturn Vs now on display around the USA.

The upper S-IVB rocket stage contains miniature versions of the Apollo Lunar Lander and the Command/Service Module, which served to let astronauts get to the moon’s surface and back. There is also a pair of toy astronauts who can’t really be identified.

The set contains 1,969 pieces (which is also the year the USA first landed on the moon), and comes on the heels of the Women of NASA set that Lego just released, continuing the company’s current space travel theme. It is scheduled for release on June 1, retailing at $119.99 in the USA.

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