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Apple Releases iMessage Fix For Customers Who Switch To Android

Apple has offered up a fix that addresses what many view as the most irritating feature of iMessage: after switching to Android or Windows, text messages were lost in a black hole.

iMessage allows users to send messages between Apple devices using Wi-Fi rather than using the customer’s data plan. This service automatically switches messages to the iMessage system. iMessage offers other benefits, including showing when the other party is typing and copying responses to other Apple devices, USA Today reported.

Individuals who stopped using iPhones, however, found that the Apple system was still converting messages from iPhone users, which means these messages were never received, the Washington Post reported.

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You may need to turn off iMessage if you are now using a non-Apple phone and can’t get SMS or text messages someone sends you from an iPhone.


The new tool, which was released quietly, allows users to disassociate their phone number from iMessage if they forgot to before getting rid of their iPhone. Users simply submit the number online at Apple’s website and the company sends former iMessage users a deregistration code. The other way to avoid losing messages is switching iMessage off on the iPhone before switching phones.

Customers can also use a work-around that ex-iPhone users who still have their phone have discovered: placing their SIM card back into the old phone, going to settings and turning off iMessages.

Unhappy former iPhone owners have already sued Apple over the disappearing messages, complaining that senders mistakenly believe text messages were delivered, while they lose out on their messages from friends and family, CNET reported. This bug is now subject to a class-action lawsuit in California.

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