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No one ever said that starting a new business is as easy as eating your favorite pie. Brainstorming ideas to make it unique and keeping it healthy is another challenge; especially if you’re working on a business that belongs to a trade where things seemingly rise and fall like the tides. Many surveys have stated that about starting a new business–especially in the technology space, that 90 percent of new startups will inevitably fail, leaving a trail of lost capital, damaged careers and lending a little support for the current venture capital business model. The blame of course doesn’t entirely belong on the venture capital firms, as entrepreneurial space is remarkably perilous. Starting a new business has its ups and downs, its own hindrances and struggles and you as an entrepreneur need help; and this is where Matt Keezer, along with Momentum Ventures; a venture capital that is doing its part to put this trends and rates to rest, comes to give you a hand.

Matt Keezer

Matt Keezer is a venture capitalist. A venture capitalist is an investor who either provides capital to startup ventures or supports small companies that wish to expand but do not have the access to equity markets. Venture Capitalists are willing to invest in such companies because they can earn a massive return in their investments if these companies are a success. Matt keezer is the Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Ventures, a venture capital firm that is considered the home of some of the world’s most renowned online businesses such as: FlightHub and JustFly.

Momentum Ventures was established in 2007. A technology company based out of Montreal Quebec, which has consecutively launched seven successful businesses in seven attempts, a perfect record that is unmatched in the industry. Momentum Ventures has a diverse portfolio that has grown to include a massive advertisement serving platform, affiliate marketing programs and globally acclaimed travel sites.

Flighthub, an online travel agent and Momentum Ventures’ flagship brand happen to be the company’s biggest winner: banking over $1.5 billion annually, employing over 400 people worldwide in five global offices, and serving 1 million Canadians yearly.

The Challenge

Matt Keezer, along with Momentum Ventures, launched a challenge that targets the attention of young entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for an opportunity to run their own business under the company’s banner. The winner of the challenge would be entitled to a full-time leadership position at Momentum Ventures and will be given a minimum of $500,000 towards their new venture, as well as access to Momentum Ventures’ network of veteran online talent and in-house support systems.

The idea of this challenge is to recruit new leadership talent for the company. And as for Matt Keezer, who was asked about the kinds of qualities that he is looking for in the applicants; answered that he only focuses on two things: people who constantly drive to hustle and get things done, and are trustworthy. It’s a simple trait that can lead to one’s success. Matt Keezer has onced said: “There is no perfect applicant who can code, and plan and write and market a product, just demonstrate that you are an expert in your field who can build and motivate a team around themselves to achieve a goal.”

Focusing on your own expertise and making sure that your team is learning and motivated by it ensures a team will achieve any goal. It’s a win win situation that helps both the leader and his or her subordinates learn and achieve knowledge that makes a difference between making or breaking a company or project.

To conclude, the leadership, innovation and winning strategies Momentum Ventures has successfully applied to multiple endeavors is indeed highly effective. They use a proven formula that has snowballed over the past decade and continues to grow exponentially as they pick up more momentum with each new success.

We can safely assume that their name, Momentum Ventures, derives from the countless successes they’ve had and is indeed a true reflection of the team behind the statement.

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