It’s Time For National Novel Writing Month Again

It’s that time of year again! When we keep our butts in chair, open our computers, start our word processing program, and get in gear for writing a novel within a month. That’s right! It is NaNoWriMo again, National Novel Writing Month. Are you excited to attempt a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? Do you think you can do it? According to a report posted on The Lowell Sun which was posted on Nov. 3, you are not alone in your exciting escapade in writing a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days because there are already 300,000 people signed up and counting! And, even more will most likely be signing up every day so who knows how many people there will actually be by the time it is over.

According to a post by WRBL News 3, some writers even spent the day on Sunday, power writing. Did you start out with any power writing? The thing about doing it this way is that it can get the creative juices flowing and get you into gear faster. It is a really fun way to kick off the month of novel writing!

Some people are intimidated by trying their hand at writing an entire novel in just thirty days. Why? Maybe they think their work needs to be perfect either while writing or when they are done. This is not true. Not every writers work comes out perfect the first time. We all make mistakes. After all, we are human and it is in our nature to make mistakes every once in a while.

When writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month, just sit your butt in the chair and write. Don’t worry about any mistakes you make while writing. That is what editing is for after the novel is done. Writing is only half the fun. After you are done with your first draft, you will definitely need to read it over and go through and either cut things out or add things to it. You will need to edit and proofread over and over again. No one’s work is perfect the first time or sometimes even the second time for that matter. Just write and have fun doing so!

Get yourself over to and get signed up for National Novel Writing Month!


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