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Real-Life “The Fault In Our Stars” Couple Gets A Sad Ending

The real-life couple mirroring the blockbuster movie, “The Fault in Our Stars” has had a sad turn of events. Katie Prager, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, met Dalton Prager who also had the same condition. Within two years, the two were married.

Prager fought to get a a lung transplant amidst health care insurance problems and hospital bills. After CNN brought her case to public attention, she finally got her transplant. Her husband received a transplant as well.

The Pragers had high hopes after the transplants, with plans to travel to every state and eventually write a book on their love story, Fox News reports.

But last week, Katie, 26, had to be placed in a hospice – the doctor had informed her that the transplant had not worked and that there was nothing more to be done. Katie, who has spent the past year and a half going in and out of hospitals, says,

My body is just so tired.

Her husband, on the other hand, contracted lymphoma due to his initial transplant and was treated successfully. But he had to be rushed to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis because he came down with pneumonia and a virus. He will be transferred to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where he can be closer to Katie.

The pair met through Facebook, when Katie reached out to Dalton, offering her sympathies and telling him that she had cystic fibrosis as well. Dalton was forthright with Katie that he had Burkholderia cepacia, a contagious infection for people with cystic fibrosis. Katie had been warned by her doctors not to come into contact with anyone who had the infection, but she was determined to meet Dalton.

Katie did contract the infection which required the transplant, but she says she has no regrets. As she prepares for her impending fate, she leaves only messages of love for those close to her, and reminds them to do what makes them happy.

“I’ll be seeing Florida from heaven,” Katie says.

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