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Amanda Bynes Inpatient Hospital Stay Extended

Amanda Bynes has been court ordered to stay in the psychiatric ward for another 30 days. According to a report posted by USA Today which was posted on Oct. 28, the judge already ordered her to stay for an additional two weeks on Oct. 13. She was supposed to be released from the hospital on Monday of this week but the court has ruled against her release. She will be staying another month.

It all started earlier this month when her parents literally tricked her into going to the hospital. They asked her to fly to Los Angeles and then tricked her into thinking she was going somewhere else. When she stepped into the building, she was in the hospital and placed under an involuntary 72-hour hold. When this happened, she was so mad, she ended up accusing her father of sexual abuse on Twitter. However, she then admitted that those accusations were not true and it was the microchip that was placed into her brain that made her say those things.

The reason her parents had her hospitalized was because she was acting erratic in New York City. Apparently, according to the report, she ended up with a DUI and then got caught shoplifting. Because of this, her parents thought she needed help. Now, the judge doesn’t think she is fit to care for herself or to be around other people so her stay has been extended.

Apparently, the hold they have on her is called a 5150 involuntary hold and is the same one that was placed on Britney Spears back in 2008.

What do you think about this? Do you think they should have done this to Ms. Bynes? Do you think she will be changed when she is released? Let your opinion be known by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

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