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Oklahoma Rattled By Third Strongest Earthquake In State History

Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma was rocked by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake on Saturday that could be felt in seven other states, according to the U.S Geological Survey (USGS).

The quake, which struck in the northwest region of the state, is the third strongest the state has ever seen in its recorded history, ABC News reported.

Ten minutes after the 5.1 magnitude quake hit, a second quake with a magnitude of 3.9 hit. After which point, a third quake hit. All three were registered within the same hour.

The epicenter of the first quake, which struck at 11:07 a.m., was located approximately 17 miles north of Fairview, Oklahoma. The last recorded quake hit at 11:41 a.m. and had a magnitude of 2.5, according to the USGS.

No immediate reports of significant damage or injuries were reported to the Major County Sheriff’s Office or the Fairview Police Department.

ABC News reports that the quake could be felt in Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico, Kansas and Arkansas.

Scientists recently unveiled a new phone app called MyShake that turns Android phones into earthquake detecting and reporting devices. A feat which they accomplished by taking advantage of the accelerometers–instruments used to measure acceleration–built into the devices and calibrating them to ignore the ordinary shaking motions that they might encounter.

In Oklahoma, the strongest recorded quake in state history took place in November of 2011. The quake, a magnitude 5.6, struck 55 miles east of Oklahoma City in the city of Prague.

The second strongest quake to hit the state was recorded decades ago in April of 1952 when a 5.5 magnitude quake struck in El Reno.

The fourth strongest, a 4.9 magnitude, took place in Bennington–located in Bryan County–on October 22, 1882. Both the fifth and the sixth strongest in the state’s history took place in November of 2011, just days apart from one another, in the city of Prague.

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