Edward Snowden To Appear At New Hampshire Convention Via Video Link

Edward Snowden
Credit: Freedom of the Press Foundation

Former NSA subcontractor Edward Joseph Snowden, who gained notoriety in 2013 with his unauthorized dissemination of classified U.S. data, is scheduled to appear via video link as a featured speaker at libertarian activist convention in New Hampshire.

Snowden is scheduled to participate in what the Valley News reported to be a 30-minute Q&A session at the New Hampshire Free State Project’s convention, which is scheduled to be held in Manchester come February of next year.

President of the Free State Project, Carla Gericke, confirmed to The Associated Press that Snowden is indeed scheduled to appear via video link from Russia – where he’s been living since he was granted asylum following his flight from U.S. authorities who want him on charges pertaining to his leaking of classified material.

Snowden, 32, allegedly leaked millions of classified documents regarding the U.S. government’s top secret surveillance program to a news outlet in the United Kingdom.

Gericke was quoted by the AP as having referred to Snowden as “a really insightful and brilliant man” who the Free State Project is “really excited” to offer a platform to.

He’s a really insightful and brilliant man (…) From our perspective, we’re really excited to give him a platform.

According to Gericke, Snowden’s label of “traitor” is undeserved.

The NSA whistleblower disclosed the existence of the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters’ internet surveillance program, which was code-named “KARMA POLICE” at the time — a name based on the hit song by the band Radiohead. The disclosure was made to The Intercept on September 25, 2016.

He’s also previously disclosed documents revealing partnerships between the National Security Agency and telecom giants AT&T and Verizon.

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