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Putin Lifts Iran’s Nuclear Ban

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In his visit to Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared an end to Russia’s ban on the exportation of nuclear technology to the Middle Eastern country.

Putin is in the country, which dates back to the Persian Empire, in order to attend a summit on exportation.

With the resumption of nuclear technology exports to Iran, Russia has stated that it intends on aiding the country of over 77 million in its quest to achieve nuclear capabilities for what Iran claims to be civilian – not military – purposes.

Specifically, Russia intends assisting in the modification of its Arak and Fordo nuclear facilities as well as the export of enriched uranium.

During Putin’s time in Tehran, his discussions with the country’s leaders — who are led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — is likely to focus on the Syrian conflict as a result of their involvement in the war.

Iran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s ground forces while Russia offers support in the form of air strikes and missile strikes targeted at the Syrian rebel forces–who have received support from the U.S.–as well as the Islamic State militants.

Russia’s decision to resume nuclear trade with the Iran comes on the heels of the country’s agreement to adhere to international restraints placed on their controversial nuclear program. As a result of the agreement, the United Nations has agreed to lift their sanctions against the country.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was signed back in July, Iran pledged adherence to long-term limits on its program’s nuclear research and its low-enriched uranium stockpile will see a 98 percent reduction for 15 years — which brings it down to 300 kilograms.

As a result of the stockpile limitation, the country will be forced to export its surplus – which is where Putin stepped in to offer a deal in which Russia will trade raw uranium in exchange for the country’s excess low-enriched uranium — which can be used to power a nuclear plant or enriched to produce a nuclear weapon.

Many politicians in the United States oppose the lifting of sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program. Israel, an ally of the U.S., also opposes the lifting of sanctions.

In other news, Voice of America reports that the U.S. State Department regrets Russia’s decision to ban an economic development foundation that was once jointly supported by both Putin as well as U.S. President George W. Bush.

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