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Too Soon For Ebola Halloween Costumes?

Halloween Costume

Social media is buzzing about how people might be using the Ebola crisis for ideas for their Halloween costumes this year. However, isn’t it too soon since the virus isn’t even under control yet? According to a report posted by PostBulletin, which was posted on Oct. 17, a Dallas, Texas physician’s assistant thinks it is not only too soon but there shouldn’t be Ebola costumes worn at all.

Although it is way too soon and it really shouldn’t be used for a Halloween costume at all, we can’t stop people from making their own Ebola costumes. After all, the leftover Breaking Bad costumes from last year are on sale and many people can use these to make their own Ebola costumes such as an Ebola zombie, a bloody Ebola patient, and even Ebola Haz Mat gear.

Halloween falls on a Friday this year and it may just be the biggest one yet for businesses who are cashing in on the different Halloween costumes. Although it may be too soon to tell whether or not businesses will be cashing in on the crisis, you just never know. It doesn’t matter what people are saying on social media though because, although Halloween is just around the corner, it is still too early to tell if people will be dressing up as something to do with Ebola or not.

Although some people might think it is a good idea, a physician’s assistant from Dallas doesn’t think it is a good idea at all. As a matter of fact, she stated,

The idea of riffing on the crisis for Halloween definitely rubs me the wrong way.”

Normally I think that irony and humor is funny but this thing with the costumes, is it really that funny? I mean, Ebola’s not even under control yet.

She continued.

Although it may be a bit unnerving to some people, Ricky, the owner of Ricky’s NYC even thought of selling Ebola costumes and sending part of the proceeds to help with finding a cure for the disease. Now, this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea but many people still might take it in bad taste.

What do you think about Ebola Halloween costumes?

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