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Truebuds Raise Over $875K Crowdfunding For Compact, Wireless, Noise-Cancelling Earbud Technology

With high-resolution audio that promises comparability to the likes of Bose and Beats, the Truebuds wireless earphones–the self-proclaimed smallest portable in-ear Bluetooth headphones–are sure to make some waves when they hit the market as early as March of next year (2016).

Co-founder and CEO, Eric Tsoi, is part of the Truebuds Team of nine who kickstarted the concept of the wireless earbuds this past summer. Tsoi and his teammates crowdfunded the project, and raised more than $875K in three months. The team, overcoming the challenges of electronics designing, developed a prototype. Next, they set out to incorporate the best materials for a comfortable fit. Now, they’ve moved into the manufacturing phase, producing the industry’s next level of portable, lightweight, sweat-resistant, dime-sized innovations.

Truebuds earphones are different from the other prototypes of their kind because, according to the project’s co-founder, the technology behind them delivers on its promises. It will actually be available on the market within the anticipated timeframe, unlike similar projects — such as the Dash, the Earin, and ‘’the controversial Dot” — that have yet to come to fruition.

The Truebuds crowdfunding project started in August and has achieved all its scheduled milestones to date. The processes continue with high expectations.

They overcame obstacles. Their technology company, Pear Designs, initially called the idea of Truebuds, Pearbuds. After addressing a conflict with the name of the product, it became Truebuds. This name delivers on the truth about the technology.

Pear Designs makes Truebuds outstanding by combining a unique integration of a long-lasting six-hour battery life, the Bluetooth chip, the high-resolution audio, high quality molded aluminum or steel materials, and the high-resolution audio. All this fit into a very small, cordless pair of earbuds that sit nicely in your ears. The earbuds fit into a case that charges them for an additional 12 hours. They have also designed the optional pair of budlocks for firmer grips, if necessary.

For only $199 per pair, Truebuds technology is an industry breakthrough boasting the 18-hours battery life; a great design for perfect fit and all-day wear; premium audio, with a noise cancellation feature so users can listen without outside noise distractions; users can connect to any app; and they are ideal for workouts.

Even though Truebuds are only a dime-sized pair of small earbuds, the sound quality is not compromised. The noise cancellation component and great audio are possible because of the unique design:

  • Use of balanced armature audio transducers which offer very low noise distortion, and which are optimal tuned to specific frequency ranges.
  • Use of AptX codec ensures that the sound you hear over Bluetooth is CD-like quality. AptX uses special bit rate reduction techniques to offer Bluetooth sound that is indistinguishable from corded headphones.
  • A proprietary-designed module creates ultra-low latency between both Bluetooth earbuds, so you hear exactly the same thing in both ears with no difference whatsoever.
  • An ambient noise cancellation module is included to make sure that when your Truebuds are in your ear, the music is all you can hear.

The designers truly thought of their users’ comfort, satisfaction and style. These earphones are made smaller to reduce bulkiness and to offer a fashionable look, thus their metallic finish for a “cool, futuristic look.” Pear Designs deliver quality, excellence and inspiration.

When innovative thinkers have great ideas and are determined to make something happen from startup, they will mimic the technical, strategic mindset of the Truebuds Team. Tsoi and his teammates consider themselves young adults with inspiration and “extra energy” that they wanted to put into a worthwhile project. Tsoi and Truebuds’ other co-founder, Anthony Le, “had caught the entrepreneur bug – wanting to make something happen from nothing,’’ Tsoi said.

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