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Snoop Dogg Calls Iggy Azalea The C Word

More celebrities are cursing on Twitter. This time it is rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Iggy Azalea. In case no one knows yet or may have missed when the fight between them started but according to a report posted by Us Weekly which was posted on Oct. 15, Snoop Dogg posted a meme photo of Iggy making fun of her for her make-up free photos she had posted. Because of this, Iggy then tweeted back at him calling him an ass.

Snoop continued the feud between them by calling her a bitch and saying she looked like the character Marlon Wayans played on the movie ‘White Chicks.’ However, for a little while, Ms. Azalea kept calm and collective until she later on posted a photo of Snoop which read,

When your drug addict aunt gets clean

This followed a caption that read,

Glass houses @snoopdogg I’m a bitch because I called u out for being a secret fan? Grow up & god bless.

Later on that evening, the rapper posted an explicit video on Instagram with a caption reading,

Last one until she speak now shut the f—k up ubitchu.

He then says in the darkly lit video,

You’re f—king with the wrong n—ga! And your n—ga betta check you before I do…you c—t!

However, a few hours later, fellow rapper and friend of Snoop Dogg, T.I  apparently had him apologize because he posted an apologetic video on Instagram with a caption reading,

It’s over, I’m bac on my cool shit no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthemuch love @troubleman31t respect sorry bout that

He also made sure to apologize to T.I who sang on the track titled, ‘No Mediocre’ with Iggy Azalea.

Ms. Azalea accepted the apology tweeting,

I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg.

Let’s hope the fight between them is really over and they can get along better in the future.

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