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Robin Byrd Attacked By Raccoon On Fire Island

Robin Byrd

Former porn actress Robin Byrd, who hosts The Robin Byrd Show, is undergoing rabies treatment for a raccoon bite.

Byrd told Page Six that she was at home with her dog in the Pines when her dog started barking. She “stomped on the deck” and heard a “growling” noise, which she thought it was a cat. As it turns out, it was a raccoon who decided to bite her in the hand when she reached behind a planter to investigate.

I stomped on the deck and I heard a growling, like, ‘Grrr,’ (…) I thought it was a cat.

She explained to Page Six that she’s familiar with raccoons and knows better than to “go and touch them,” but all the same, she apparently “disturbed” the feral animal who decided to convey his disapproval with his fangs.

I’m in Central Park all the time, there are raccoons (…) I don’t go and touch them or anything. I guess I disturbed the raccoon and he didn’t like it and he let me know.

Robin shared a photo of her injured finger wrapped in a bandage on Instagram with the caption:

Bandaged and on my way to the doctor bit by a racoon

Following the incident, Byrd claims that she called a telephone number for the Suffolk County Animal Control Services but it turned out to be a disconnected number. She also asserts that the local police told her to leave the critters alone.

It’s their land (…) Leave them alone.

In order to determine whether Byrd has rabies as a result of the attack, the animal would have to be captured and tested. But according the 58-year-old New Yorker, nobody has showed up to catch the potentially rabid creature.

Page Six quoted Byrd as having said that she’s “very afraid” following what she called a “very traumatic” incident.

Rabies, a preventable viral disease caused by lyssaviruses, is primarily transmitted in the Americas via bat bites. It can only be diagnosed after symptoms become apparent and is fatal in humans.

The former adult film star — who appeared in such ’70s hits as “Hot Honey” and “Debbie Does Dallas” — indicated that she’s receiving a series of five shots aimed at treating the deadly disease, the second of which she received just last week.

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