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Scythe Board Game Raises Over $800K On Kickstarter

Scythe Board Game

With an original campaign fundraising goal of just $33,000, Jamey Stegmaier’s new 115-minute board game designed for 1-5 players, Scythe, has blown its crowdfunding goal out of the water.

Scythe — a board game set in an alternate history, 1920s Eastern Europe — describes itself as a “4x game” in which players explore, exploit, exterminate and expand as the game progresses. The game, which has already raised over $800,000 on Kickstarter, is built around the concept of mechanical monstrosities known as “mechs” — massive, lumbering war machines.

The game is based on the art and worldbuilding of Poland’s Jakub Rozalski, whose incredible art helps shape the world of Scythe.

Each faction, of which there are five to choose from, comes with four mechs which can be deployed while the game is in motion. The mech miniatures measure 26-36 millimeters tall with a 30mm base.

Scythe Funding Goals

According to the game’s crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter, the initial goals have all been knocked out — everything from the initial funding goal of $33,000 to the 4-card objective card promo pack. The next fundraising goal, which entails the upgrading of cardboard action tokens to wooden pawns, is set at $825,000.

Thus far, the goals completed include:

  • Add Quick-Reference Guide @ $60,966
  • Upgrade Structure Token Sizes From 16mm To 20mm @ $82,014
  • Upgrade Factory Cards From 57x87mm To 70x110mm @ $89,736
  • Upgrade Encounter Cards From 57x87mm To 70x110mm @ $100,000
  • Add Automa Scythe Deck (22 Cards, 1-Player Rulebook) @ $158,632
  • Upgrade 40 Worker Meeples To Custom Shapes For Each Faction @ $250,000
  • 5 Riverwalk Cards And 5 Quick-Start Cards @ $500,000
  • Upgrade All 5 Player Mats To Dual-Layered, Receded Mats @ $750,000
  • Object Card Promo Pack @ $800,000

All of the aforementioned promo items are to be included in each and every Kickstarter game at no additional cost. After the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, the additions will be available for additional cost.

More Information

Watch the trailer below to learn more about Stegmaier’s new board game or visit the game’s Kickstarter page to back it.

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