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Honest Man Returns $1300 In Pizza Delivery Mix-Up

A Berkeley, California man got more than he bargained for after discovering two rolls of cash in what supposed to be a normal pizza delivery order.

Mike Vegas, who had ordered pizza and wings, ate one slice of the pepperoni and mushroom pizza and tossed the rest of it, as well as the wings, into the fridge for later.

It was supposed to be a relaxing day off for Vegas, but he was called in to work that evening at one of his two jobs.

When he finally got home later that night, he retrieved the box of wings from the fridge, only to find two wads of cash where meat should have been.  The amount?  A little over $1,300.

“I could see there was deposit slips in there,” Vegas said.  “I knew what had happened.”

Shortly after, Vegas checked his telephone and found dozens of frantic messages from the delivery man asking if he had received the box of cash. The delivery man claimed he had placed the cash in a Domino’s box for safe-keeping, but mixed up the box with the delivery order to Vegas.

According to ABC 7 News in San Francisco, the delivery man had planned on depositing the cash at the bank after delivering the order.

The Washington Post reports that Vegas sought advice on how to handle the situation from those he knew on Facebook.  Many of the responses advised him to keep the money, though some suggested returning it.

He decided to do the right thing.

“I wanted to keep it, believe me,” he said to ABC 7 News.  “But I can’t, I can’t do that,” he decided.

Vegas returned the cash to the Domino’s Pizza location in person shortly after.

Zia Mumtaz, the Domino’s Pizza location’s General Manager who was there to greet him, thanked Vegas for his honesty, noting that “honest people are hard to find these days.”

Thank you so much for this, honest people are hard to find these days.

To show their appreciation to Vegas for doing the right thing, Domino’s will be giving Vegas free pizzas for a full year.

Vegas indicated that he plans on taking advantage of the generosity, though he pointed out that he is going to have to exercise a lot more to compensate for the calories.

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