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Verizon XXL Plan: 18GB Shared Data For $100 A Month

It wasn’t too long ago that Verizon announced a dramatic overhaul of how consumers could pay for their wireless services. In an effort to shift their business model to be more like T-Mobile, Verizon scrapped the free-phones-in-exchange-for-high-monthly-fees trade-off that left the service prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.

The response was overwhelmingly positive according to Verizon’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Nancy Clark, who said “we’ve listened to [our customer feedback] and looked at what we’ve learned from three years of offering shared-data plans to offer options with the most value for them.”

We’ve listened to them and looked at what we’ve learned from three years of offering shared-data plans to offer options with the most value for them.

In order to sign up for Verizon now, one needs to pay the full price of the phone they wish to use, but a much more affordable monthly fee is given to them to compensate.

The new Verizon data plans are as follows:

  • 1GB for $30 per month: Designed for light internet usage and maybe the occasional email.
  • 3GB for $45 per month: Intended for regular internet usage and streaming music.
  • 6GB for $60 per month: For gamers, streaming video, or families who need to share data.
  • 12GB for $80 per month: Recommended for businesses and large families.

Each of the data plans offers increased value for each tier gone up. While the second tier offers service at the rate of $15 per gigabyte of data used, the fourth tier offers each gigabyte of data for around $6.67.

As of September 9, mobile power users, large families, and businesses alike will have access to a new plan — the XX-Large plan — packing 18GB of shareable data for just $100 a month. This comes out to around $5.56 per gigabyte of data; the biggest bank for the buck yet.

Unlimited phone service is only $20 per month more for each line on the account, no matter what data plan the customer selects.

Tech Times noted that the XXL plan will only be available for a limited time, though no information was known yet on how long the offer will last.

What do you think about the new data plan by Verizon? Have you or your family ever used — or needed — 18GB of data in a month?

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