Two Great White Sharks Spotted Swimming Close To Massachusetts Shore

Great White Shark

Two great white sharks have been spotted swimming close to a Massachusetts beach.

John Chisholm of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries photographed the two sharks during a research trip last Tuesday, according to The Daily Mail. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared the photos, in which you can see a research boat close to one of the two sharks, over the weekend

“We spotted multiple sharks on Tuesday and got enough footage of two for the scientists to ID them,” Cynthia Wigren, president of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, told ABC News.

We spotted multiple sharks on Tuesday and got enough footage of two for the scientists to ID them.

Chisholm is currently participating in a five-year study of white sharks alongside the conservancy to determine how many of these sharks are in the Cape Cod area. Last year, the first year of the study, 68 white sharks were identified off the coast of Massachusetts.

Sixteen new sharks have been identified this season, with three being tagged, said Wigren. A previous research trip on July 23 resulted in six white sharks being spotted –three of these were new, and three were previously identified, one from last season. During the July 23 encounter, the researchers managed to tag a female great white shark.

“Activity so far is greater than last year,” said Wigren.

Activity so far is greater than last year, but the season doesn’t end until the end of October.

In other parts of the world, scientists are lowering baited cameras into the ocean in an attempt to count sharks.

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