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Moto G: Gen 3 Specs And Pricing Details Revealed

Information about the third-generation of the Moto G was recently released by mistake, both on Motorola’s website and Portuguese retailer Americanas, giving the public two quick glimpses into the upcoming model.  And now, new details on pricing confirm that the 3rd-Gen device will remain as affordable as its predecessor.

The third-generation model will come with aesthetic customizations, including:

  • The Front Housing will be available in both white and black.
  • For the Rear Housing, you will be able to choose from Navy, Lime, White, Gold Yellow, Black, Turquoise, Raspberry, Blue, Cabernet, and Cherry.
  • Metallic Accents of Light Chrome, Pink, Blue, Violet, Orange, Black, Champagne, Dark Chrome, Lemon Lime, and Red are all options.

The Moto G Smartphone is known to offer almost all the specifications that the big named Smartphones offer at a fraction of the cost.

As for performance, users will be able to choose between 8GB and 16GB of storage, and those who elect for the bigger option will also receive 2GB of RAM.

Also according to the leaks, the Moto G will ship with Android 5.1.1, have an HD Gorilla Glass display, an improved battery, and many other improved features from its predecessor.  You can read more about the specifications or check out the leaked advertisement images on The Verge.  The leaked images have been removed from the official retailer’s websites and are no longer available to view there.

The current, second-generation version of the Moto G is currently available on Amazon for $179.99.  This is considerably less expensive than the iPhone and Galaxy Smartphones which can run for several hundreds of dollars more, making the life-changing innovations that come with this technology more accessible to those with smaller budgets.  The pricing of the third-generation Moto G was leaked according to Android Authority, showing the upgraded model will be available for the exact same price as the older model at $179.99.

The second-generation Moto G has received a very high feedback ratings on Amazon, earning a “best bang for the buck” reputation in the mobile technology world.  If Motorola can keep the third-generation Moto G cost low while adding more to the device as these teasers have suggested, it will have no trouble keeping that reputation.

The Smartphone is expected to be announced on July 28, along with details on the Moto X.

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